Sunday, August 2, 2009

Legal Expert Linda Tancs
on Copyrights & Trademarks

Today we welcome Linda Tancs from Hillsborough, New Jersey. Linda is an attorney and the author of Understanding Copyright Law: A Beginner's Guide and her new book, Understanding Trademark Law: A Beginner's Guide.

She has extensive experience as a transactional attorney in both corporate and private practice, concentrating in intellectual property, entertainment, information technology, e-commerce and general business matters. She also teaches legal courses on the college level and has authored several articles for legal periodicals.

~ I understand your new book published by Oxford University Press provides an overview of intellectual property law as it relates to trademarks. This is such an important topic. Will the information shared in your book eliminate the need for readers to hire a lawyer to complete the trademark process or does this complement legal services?

Given the complexities of trademark law (particularly in the areas of trademark clearance searching and trademark examining procedure), it’s unlikely that a trademark applicant would go through the process in its entirety without a qualified professional. My hope is that my book will better educate those interested or involved in the trademark process so that they are better able to partner with their chosen professional during the pendency of an application. Post registration, the information on insurance, monetization and Internet usage will surely help trademark registrants increase the asset value of their marks.
~ What inspired you to create this book? Was there a pivotal moment where you realized this information would be ideal for a book or was the transition from idea to paper a longer process?

I was recommended for the series by an editor with whom I had become acquainted, so they actually inspired me to write the book (as well as the next two—on copyrights and patents). My 13 years’ experience in trademark law certainly gave me enough insights into what a reader should know about the field.

~ In addition to your legal work and this book, you have started Get S.M.A.R.T. which is a brand consulting business and Jurismart which provides management consulting, coaching and writing services. Can you tell us briefly about each business?

Get S.M.A.R.T. is a workshop and consultancy designed to teach business owners and marketers how to define, promote and protect their brand message. Too often, a trademark is just a label rather than an asset. I teach clients how to be S.M.A.R.T. (Strategic, Memorable, Aligned, Resourceful and Timely) with respect to their brands to increase a brand’s asset value. This involves aligning stakeholders (inside and outside the business), targeted messaging and reputation audits, among other things.

Jurismart is the coaching, management consulting, writing and editing arm of my business. As the name suggests, the business was started as a coaching service for lawyers. It has since taken on a wider reach, with coaching clients coming from industries like finance and healthcare. I also offer mediation, conflict management consulting and a wide range of writing, ghostwriting, and editorial services for personal and professional projects.

Linda, I appreciate you stopping by to visit with us at Writers In Business. Please visit Linda’s web sites to learn more about her businesses. Her books are available through and