Sunday, August 9, 2009

Becoming a Freelance Writer with Usha Sliva

Please welcome Usha Sliva visiting us from Vancouver, BC. She is a freelance writer with over 10 years writing experience and the author of the new ebook, Becoming a Freelance Writer. She has lived and worked with clients all over the world and writes in both British and American English.

~ How did you get your first writing client?

Prior to freelancing, I worked with a number of Public Relation and Events companies and I used to write for their clients. When I decided to freelance, the first thing I did was to set up my website and showcase some of my work. However, I wasn’t really sure how to begin drawing in clients to my site. So I read a lot of online articles about freelancing and I joined sites like and later, There were a lot of hits and misses before I got into a rhythm. I never considered writing for free because I do believe time is money. My first client (whom I still write for) came to me via my website and asked me to write a newsletter for her business group. And from there, it just took off.

~ You have an informative web site and blog What other methods do you use to advertise your writing? Do you find one method works better than another?

A lot of writers find it hard to juggle their writing time with their marketing time; and often one takes precedence over the other. I personally find I work much better when I follow a strict schedule. My day is divided into three parts: writing for clients, marketing my services and actively sourcing newer leads. I use social networking sites like Twitter and business groups like High Output Business Networking and BC Women In Business to keep abreast of what’s happening. As and when I can, I also join in relevant forum discussions. So far, I’ve used Facebook just for keeping in touch with personal friends and family members, but I do see it has a lot of potential which I need to explore. The trick is to find one or two methods which work for you and be persistent with them.

~ Do you find your experience working with major Public Relation agencies and clients, including British Airways, complementary to your writing career? Can you share a tip to help freelance writers with promotion?

Definitely. I got to work on a variety of exciting writing projects and with some great people. I also had some brilliant mentors who were instrumental in pushing me to write correctly and to edit and revise and edit and revise until the job was perfect. Mentoring for me was very important and this is another region that I am exploring and hoping to get more into next year.

Writers need to find their niches - what interests them, what compliments their talents, skills and abilities and what makes them passionate. And then promote that niche via friends, online sites, social networking forums, ads etc. For me, it’s motivational writing and eco-friendly living. Once you find your niche, clients automatically will find you.

~ I understand you have released a new ebook, Becoming A Freelance Writer. Can you tell us about it and how we can obtain a copy?

When I first began a freelance writing career, I realized that there’s a lot of material available online. And contrary to being helpful, it actually becomes confusing. Freelancers don’t know which sites to use, how to find their own niche, how to market their skills etc. Becoming A Freelance Writer is a concise guide to help you get started. It’s a short step-by-step resource to help you begin and it’s only the first part in a series of eBooks I’m working on. My next one will be out in autumn and that would be tackling marketing freelance services.. I’m also currently conducting an online poll on my blog and once the results are in; I’ll be developing a 5 week course based on the results.

To avail of the eBooks and courses for free, you would need to subscribe to my free ezine, Getting It Write! via; which again, is a great resource for new and experienced freelance writers, as I touch upon not only writing techniques, but also marketing options.

As a subscriber to Usha's Getting It Write! ezine, I agree - it's a great resource! Her web site has just relauched with a new layout and her ebook is a must-read for every freelance writer.