Sunday, November 20, 2011

New Release- Children's book, Marvin Monster's Monsterific Adventures by Tabatha Jean D´Agata

Author Tabatha Jean D´Agata was a redheaded, freckled-faced kid born in Lawrence, Massachusetts. As a child, she aspired to be as heroic and skillful as Nancy Drew, a super-sleuth, but was more like Pippi Longstocking.

Tabatha's respect for characters and their creators enveloped her throughout her childhood and she realized her creative skills thrived within her own writing. Over the years, she has moved past horribly rhymed poetry to carefully plotted stories.

She continued her desire for writing by freelancing and authoring several books for children including Silent Sam, Ick The Stick, Storm Tunes and Pampered Pals. She is also a regularly featured columnist in Parent Express Newspaper.

Today, Tabatha resides in the charming town of Hooksett, NH with her family, and their two dogs. When she isn't writing, she shares her enthusiasm for inventing stories and characters with kids of all ages by visiting schools and libraries!

She is here today to announce her new release, Marvin Monster's Monsterific Adventures, and a contest. The prize is a Marvin Monster Monsterific Character Hat.

Tabatha, tell us about your new book.

Marvin Monster's Monsterific Adventures is part of a Fearless Reader Flip Book Series. It's an 82 page book recommended for children 6-9 years of age. We explore
what happens when a monster doesn't keep his word and when Marvin Monster confronts what might be the most horrific thing to ever happen to Grim Castle Elementary.
Readers join Marvin Monster and his classmates for two fearless adventures in one monster-sized edition! Read BIG DATE and then flip the book over to read TEACHER JITTERS in reverse, it's monsterific!

I admire your creativity. As a successful published author, can you share a writing tip with fellow writers?

What if? I ask myself that question whenever I'm writing a new story, especially fiction. Whether you're a new or seasoned writer, when you utilize 'what if' when building plots, characters or points-of-view the possibilities are limitless.

I also believe problems we encounter in our own daily lives are story opportunities when combined with the hypothesis 'what if'. Ask yourself: What if she had answered the door and it wasn't the mailman? What if his boss had something other than money in the safe? What if the pond in the backyard surfaced human remains? Yes, the possibilities are limitless!

I'm excited to announce the new contest you are offering to readers of my blog. How can we enter?

This contest is called Name That Movie! Here's a quote from one of my favorite movies:

"She taught me everything. About life, hope and the long journey ahead. I'll always miss her. But our love is like the wind. I can't see it, but I can feel it."

If you know which movie this is from, email the title to me for a chance to win a Marvin Monster Monsterific Character Hat. All correct answers will be entered in the drawing on December 4th and the winner will be notified on December 5th.

Thank you Tabatha! To learn more about Tabatha's writing, please visit her web site and her Author Page on


  1. What a cool book! My kids will have a blast with the Flip format. I am going to add this book to their Christmas list.

  2. Nice book trailer on Amazon.

  3. Sorry dear - I do not recognize that line from any movies but thought you should know we enjoy reading your books to our grandchildren. P.S. I was a red-head too, but it was many, many years ago.

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