Sunday, September 18, 2011

Brenda Whiteside's Debut Novel- Sleeping with the Lights On

Today we welcome Brenda Whiteside to Writers in Business. Brenda has been writing all of her life in one way or another from the captions on her childish artwork to teenage psychedelic scrolls to her current novel. After publishing several short stories, she turned to writing novels.

Brenda, tell us about your debut novel.

My first novel, Sleeping with the Lights On, was published by Wild Rose Press in the summer of 2010.

What is it about?

Sandra Holiday thinks she’s met the man to end her years of less than perfect choices; choices that not only derailed her travel-related career plans but also left her single and broke.

Carson Holiday, a Las Vegas country crooner with swoon-inducing good looks, spent his adult life pursuing a recording contract and love, never holding on to either. After eighteen years, he drops back into Sandra’s life, reigniting an attraction he can’t deny.

When Carson reappears, Sandra must choose again. Only this time, nothing’s as it seems. A secret admirer, a redheaded stalker, and an eccentric millionaire throw her on a dangerous path, with Carson her only truth.

As life confronts her with yet another turning point, will her decisions find her eternally sleeping with the lights on – or will she finally discover a way to turn them off?

Are there any other books in the works?

Yes, An Elfin Secret will be released in November 2011 as part of an anthology (Warm Christmas Wishes); Tattoos, Leather and Studs will release in November 2011 as a short e-book; Honey On White Bread, a novel, will release in January 2012; and It Happened After Midnight, a novelette, will release in 2012.

Congratulations on the success of your writing! What inspires you?

I have two main sources of inspiration. One is real life stories of people close to me. Sometimes an event someone experienced will be a springboard for my book and other times it might be a path of discovery that person is on.

My second source of inspiration is maturity. I enjoy writing about women who are 40 plus and having an adventure of the heart or taking a new direction in their lives.

My life is also blessed with three creative soul mates; my son (a singer/song writer), my husband (an excellent photographer), and my dog, Rusty (the smartest dog in the world).

Brenda is available for book club and speaking engagements. You can find her online at


  1. Brigitte, Thanks for the nice spotlight!

  2. Sleeping With the Lights On looks like a great read. Sure you're excited with all your upcoming releases. Good luck!

  3. Looking forward to reading the new releases, as I loved Sleeping With the Lights On! Congratulations!

  4. Thanks, all. I am pretty jazzed about 4 upcoming releases.

  5. I found the book on Amazon too.

  6. Are you planning any book signing or events when Tattoos, Leather and Studs is released?



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