Saturday, December 5, 2009

Writers One Stop Source for Marketing with Jess Graham

J. L. Graham (Jess) is an award winning Creative Media Marketing Specialist, filmographer, graphic designer, freelance writer and author. He lives with his wife and children in Western Kentucky and operates Core Media.

Jess, in reading through your web sites I understand that you build in a “preset amount of time” to complete research for the articles you write. Can you share with us how you do this research? Is it through the Internet or local libraries? Do you have favorite web sites you utilize for research? What two tips can you share with fellow writers about this integral step in the writing process?

Successful article writing, particularly for the larger corporate clients, requires more than just well-worded articles. In my opinion, there are two aspects that one has to consider when taking on the bigger literary clients. These concepts are excellence and details. When I write for a client, I spend a minimum of two hours in research, depending upon the assignment, of course. A larger article or informative writing can take up to two or three days of research. It all depends upon the subject.

As for where I get my research, I’d have to say I have three solid resources. The first two are, as you stated, the internet and my local library. The other is that of knowledgeable individuals. It’s good to have a solid group of contacts that know about the industry that you specialize in, for reference purposes. The internet is my first source, but I take it with a grain of salt. There is a lot of shallow and incorrect information on the web. You have to be very careful. The web is my resource for building up an outline. From there, I go to the more reliable sources that can verify the information that I found online.

Tell us about Core Media. What services do you provide and how can writers benefit from working with you?
Core Media is a new business owner or someone looking to grow their business’ dream. We utilize the most effective outlets and venues to bring traffic to websites, bring customers to local businesses, and basically all-around promote a business or an individual. Core Media brings out the best of all media marketing outlets. We promote businesses onsite and online via film, writing, creative graphic design, and photography. In short, we are a one-stop source for marketing needs. We provide promotional videos, company logos, keyword rich written content, brands, and much more.

As for writers that work with us, they have the world to gain. When we are partnered with or hired by other writers we bring their writing skills to life with the aforementioned outlets. We accent their work and make them invaluable to current and future clients.

You are the author of two books and your writing is part of a few anthologies. Can you share the titles with us and where we might obtain copies?
As books go, I am the author of Wheels of Mercy (fiction novel) and co-author of Modern Day Fishers of Men, a Christian guidebook written by Pastor Michael D. Putnam and myself. Wheels of Mercy and Modern Day Fishers of Men are both available through all major book outlets, Barnes & Noble, for example, as well as If any bookstore doesn’t have it, they can order it for you.

The Anthology that I am most pleased with is that of Dragon’s Composed. This anthology, published by Kerlak Publishing, is a compilation of short works regarding dragons. One might think this to be an odd concept for a marketing writer to grasp, but I have a particular fascination with medieval legends. Author Jonathan Wolf and I co-wrote a story for this publication entitled, “Dragons’ Past.” This can be purchased at Kerlak Publishing (,, and virtually any other online book source.

To learn more about his writing or the services offered through Core Media, please visit Jess at JLGraham.

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