Sunday, July 19, 2009

Michelle Dunn - Expert on Credit & Collections

Michelle Dunn of Plymouth, New Hampshire is the nation's top expert on credit and debt collection. She has seven published books on the subject and has 20 years of experience in the industry. I’m pleased to welcome her to Writers In Business.

~ You have certainly found your niche in the book market and are a respected expert on the topic of collections. Congratulations! Can you tell us what inspired you to write your first book on this?

I wrote my first book titled "Starting a Collection Agency, how to make money collecting money" based on the demand for information on this topic. I had started my agency and had been working in the industry for about 11 years, when I started getting some national media attention. This media attention brought me many phone calls, letters, and emails asking me how I started my agency and became successful at it. This prompted me to write a book on this topic since there were none out there at that time on this subject.
~ I understand when you started your own collection agency in 1998, debt collection was a field dominated by men. You found the strength and courage not only to enter this field, but to become a successful author of books on collections. Did you feel it was an uphill battle to break into this field or did you find support along the way?

I found the strength and courage to enter this field based on my knowledge of the industry and based on how good I was at collecting. I also was getting a divorce and wanted to be home and spend more time with my children. I found that I could not accomplish this while commuting 2 hours a day to my job. I decided to start my own business from home so I could have more flexibility for my family.

In the beginning I did not find much support which is why I started my Credit & Collections Association, ( and started a networking discussion group, with a website full of resources and information I had been compiling as I started my agency.
~ You have been featured in some well known media outlets including Ladies Home Journal,, PC World, Home Business Magazine, and The Wall Street Journal. You were also a guest on (NPR) National Public Radio and the CBS Early Show. I’m sure lots of our readers would appreciate this level of publicity. Can you share with us some of your tips on securing this media attention?

I have always loved marketing as much as collecting. I have read many books, magazines and blogs on the subject in order to learn how to effectively market myself, my association, my books and my business.

I have been very successful at it, mostly because I am passionate about what I do and I don't take failure as an answer.

~ I’ve been reading about your new marketing series of books entitled, Mosquito Marketing. Can you tell us more about this concept and your plans for the series?

The first book in my Mosquito Marketing Series is being printing in the next few months, it is called "Mosquito Marketing for Authors". I wrote this book based on so many people asking me marketing questions.

For example, as you mentioned all the media I have achieved, I tell people in my book how I did that and how they can do it too. I tell them what I did that did not work so they won't waste time and money doing things that aren't effective. The next book to be published in this series will be at the end of the year and is called "Mosquito Marketing for Collection Agencies".

Michelle, thank you for joining us on Writers In Business. To learn more, please visit Michelle’s web site or her blog on Mosquito Marketing Mosquito Marketing Blog. Her books are available through her web site and